Any day of the week we all ask ourselves the same questions... do I look fat in this outfit, is my hair ok, can I afford that pair of heels, where in the h-e-double hockey sticks are my keys, did I have kids to torture myself, is my cat/dog on crack, why did I do that?????????? Well, in the true spirit of being southern I invite you to get a load of the misadventures that may or may not happen to you, but you will be able to relate to! Myself and my bff if you would, my Schmoopie, have had the most amazing incidents happen purely by accident and are going to sacrifice our pride to bring a good laugh or make you understand that if you are in fact a klutz, you are not alone. All those bad days you've had and all those moments you thought to yourself "this would never happen to anyone else but me", guess what... it's happened to us too!!! So, visit us at thescreamingpig.blogspot.com and have a chuckle on us, we have one on ourselves! Laughter after all is the best medicine!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet and Greet

Ambivalent Rubbish
 This all came about 6 years ago in a law district in Georgia… two people meeting who from all appearances had nothing in common.  Fast friends and thousands of emotions later here we are with our own shops, doing festivals together and working 40 hours a week together on top of it!  We have a lot of fun and enjoy our work so much that we not only wear it ourselves, but give it as gifts for holidays, birthdays and different occasions!  With two styles meshed into one booth, it’s really a treat to find how well they work together.  Jenny Brochu is the artist behind Ambivalent Relics www.ambivalentrelics.etsy.com which is a Neo Victorian style of jewelry, while Jen Fowler is the hippy chic behind Refined Rubbish www.refinedrubbishllc.etsy.com which is a Retro/Vintage/Mod style of jewelry with plenty of color!  Together we offer a wide variety of jewelry from cufflinks, cardigan clips, long, medium and stud earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff bracelets, rings, brooches, keychains, you name it we usually have it on hand!  We use vintage parts for most all of our jewelry and take custom orders as well. We have a lot of fun putting together our pieces and our main goal is for our work to bring happiness and smiles to all who wear them. 

Jen & Jenny
Ambivalent Rubbish
Two Friends, One Passion… Jewelry!  

Just a few things that you will find in our shops.  We hope to see you around soon!